Technology Overview

ECMedical has a portfolio with more than 15 patents for organ engineering and tissue repair technologies spanning multidisciplinary fields including tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, genetic engineering, and immunology.


Artificial Organs

While the demand for organs continues to increase, the number of organs available for transplantation remains problematically low. Artificial organs are a promising alternative solution to this problem and offer significant advantages over the traditional approach.



Biomimetic Tissue Interphases

Biomaterials for in situ composite tissue regeneration and repair include a variety of polymers and extracellular matrix-derived molecules that offer structural support and biochemical cues that promote rapid regeneration and recovery of tissue function


Wound Healing and Tissue Repair

Modulation of the wound healing response is possible through smart biomaterials and drug delivery technologies. These approaches are used as adjuvant therapies for epithelial tissue repair and other applications requiring sustained drug release



Reduction of Surgical Complications

ECMedical is developing a variety of products to reduce surgical complications including post-operative infections and dehiscence.