Our Mission

Our mission is to become a recognized leader in the development, commercialization, and clinical application of artificial organ and tissue repair technologies for the treatment of pathologic conditions such as end organ failure, congenital defects, trauma, and chronic insidious disease.

Who we are

ECMedical is an early-stage Pittsburgh-based life sciences start up company specializing in Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, and Genetic Engineering for the development and clinical application of fully compatible artificial organs and next generation medical device technologies for tissue repair.

Our technologies include implantable hardware, biomaterial-synthetic biohybrid medical devices, biomimetic tissue interfaces, and CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing strategies to promote:

  • Tissue generation

  • Organ replacement

  • Restoration of native tissue function

  • Device integration

  • Reduction of chronic inflammation

  • Reduction of surgical site complications. 


ECMedical is currently being funded from the following sources:

  • Darpa/DoD Phase I STTR Contract

  • Consulting and contracted research

Interested in consulting and contracted research services?